3 Reasons Micro Stock Photography Can Make You a Lot of Money

By Frank Dryfus 

Micro stock photography can be a big money maker for you, and if you already have a digital camera and a lot of good quality photos on your computer you may want to consider these 3 reasons that you should be a member of at least one micro stock photo website.

You don't have to be a professional photographer to make a lot of money with micro stock.  All you really need is a digital camera and a creative mind and you can make a mind blowing amount of cash.  Quality will be key in getting your images accepted to these sites but creativity will be what makes the difference between making a little bit of money with micro stock and making enough to live on.  But even if you have had no professional training you can stand out from among the best and earn a decent living.  It may take a few months to be making a decent amount on your photos but keep building your portfolio and your income will be multiplied.

  You will make money on your photos even if you stop taking them.  This is what I love most about stock photography.  I could stop taking and submitting photos today and live as a hermit in the woods for the next year and I would still be making money each and every day.  This is what we call residual income and it is the single best way to make money online.  Once you submit your pictures you are done, and your images will be seen by potential buyers every day.  But again, the more creative your pictures, the more chance you have of standing out and selling more than your competition.

  You can do this type of photography with any other forms.  I have shot everything from weddings to baptisms, graduations, and grand openings.  These types of opportunities also allow for me to take pictures to build my micro stock photo collection as well.  If I am shooting an event and I see something that can be used as a commercial photo I can take that opportunity to maximize my income even more.  In fact, I bring my camera everywhere I go because there are things all around us that can be captured with the camera and can be sold later on.

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Article Source: 3 Reasons Micro Stock Photography Can Make You a Lot of Money