3 Ways To Make Money With Photography

By Jayan B 

If Do you always have a camera in your hands? Are you constantly snapping away at every thing you see? Well, have you ever thought about letting your hobby become a moneymaker for you? If you haven't, you should. Here are three easy ways that you can make money with your love of photography.

Is it a Great Photo or What? Let the Photo Contests Speak

Newspapers and magazines are always having photo contests. You can also find many contests on the Internet. As you browse among your thousands of photos, you should keep in mind the types of photos that have previously won the contests you are entering. This may help you choose the most likely winners within your portfolio.

Magazines Buy Photos Too!

Are you a magazine reader? There are thousands of magazines, both online and off. Most of them need millions of pictures. Some of those pictures they purchase might as well belong to you. In order to sell your best photos, you should first send out proposals to a few magazines. Send them some of your best pictures also with a cover letter and copy of your proposal. Additionally, make sure you follow the submission guidelines so you will know how to submit your photos correctly.

If your pictures are supposed to be sent online, there's no reason to ship them via the post office. Once you submit your photo packages, you simply have to wait to see if you get any offers. Remember, if at first you don't succeed, try and try again. Occasionally, you might want to include a story that goes along with the picture or pictures. For a magazine editor, that presentation would be more of a full meal than a simple snack photo. It couldn't look any more appetizing for an editor who is struggling to meet a deadline.

Making Your Photos Available on the Web

Free images are sometimes overrated, especially when you have to prepare an important presentation. It is then that people turn to stock photo companies. All those great photos stored on your hard drive, why not submit them to websites like shutterstock.com and make yourself some money? If you're using pictures of people, just make sure you have a signed consent form because you don't want to get into trouble and risk losing all that money you're making. Many people make money submitting their photos. Photography is a great hobby, but it's even more exciting when it makes you money.

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