3 Ways to Earn Money With a Camera

By Scott Lindsay

There are numerous and legitimate work from home jobs which can be found online. However, photography is one suggestion which you can work from home but without the constrains of being chained to your computer. Photography can give an outlet for your creative passion.

Stock Photography

Stock photography is images which are royalty-free and can be used for commercial use. The photographer keeps their ownership of the photos, allowing people to purchase the image for a one-time fee.

Anyone can earn money by selling their photography to online stock photography web sites. Photographers receive 30-50% of the fee. If the photographer signs up to become an exclusive contributor than they will receive 60% of the fee with an additional bonus of 20 cents for each approved submission.

Wedding Photography

Wedding photography can be one of the most rewarding careers. You get to photograph one of the most joyous occasions and be a part of the memories a bride and groom will share the rest of their lives.

You are present to capture the most emotional and joyous moment of two people's lives. Being a photographer is not about earning top wages, but it is about earning a wage by pursuing your passion for your craft.

Pet Photography

You can take your love for pets and your passion for photography combined together to create a career you will enjoy for many years. Specializing in pet photography will enable families not only have unique photos of their pets, but also family photos with their pets.


When purchasing a camera go with a brand name you can trust, such as Canon, Pentax, Sony, or Nikon. Consider some features which are very helpful like great image quality, dust control, built-in image stabilizers, live view, and High Definition video recording.

You will also need accessories for your work. You should purchase SLR lenses for your camera. Other equipment could be memory cards, batteries, electronic flash, filters, and camera bags. When editing photos, you will need editing software which will help you create the most impressive, professional photos. Even your best images sometimes could use a little extra correcting. Always take the extra time to make your photos better. Buy computer software to make your job a little easier.


There are many legitimate work from home opportunities which you can explore. One of the more popular work at home careers is photography. Opening a photography business means you can set your own hours to work and you can work from home. Stock photography, wedding photography, and pet photography are only three options in a career field full of golden opportunities. Research the endless possibilities surrounding photography.

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