Make Money As a Photographer - The Easy Way

By James Stickel 

It sounds simple, right? Get yourself a camera and start to make money as a photographer. Take a few shots and sell a few prints, maybe take some stock photos and you've got a decent stream of income.

Rarely, however does that prove to be the case. Making money as a photographer is much more difficult than it seems. With the advent of digital SLR cameras priced low enough for the average Joe to pick one up at their local Best Buy, it's becoming easy to call yourself a photographer without knowing the inside workings of a photography business.

It appears as though almost anyone can go out and make money in the photo industry... but don't let appearances deceive you. It takes some solid business sense to be able to overcome the trials and tribulations of the photography industry. Even if you do have talent, that doesn't mean that you'll be able to make your living as a photographer.

You'll need marketing knowledge.

So, what marketing knowledge do you need to know to become a successful photographer? First, that's going to depend on your definition of success, but if you're talking about paying your bills with photography here are a few starters.

Some tips include keeping an organized set of books, and coming up with a great marketing campaign to advertise your services.

Always be punctual and professional because you're selling a service here, not a product. As many photographers struggle to find out, the industry of photography is a service oriented industry NOT a product oriented industry.

Let friends and family know that you're trying to make money as a photographer, and even do some shoots for free to get your referral base up.

But, what then?

In order to be the most successful photographer that you can be, there are a few things that you absolutely need to know. Any Joe off the street can do what you just read, only a few have the sense to take a look at and invest into their business for the correct knowledge to ensure that they make the most money as a photographer that they can.

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