How to Make Money With Digital Photography - Become a Freelance Photographer

By Luis C Hernandez

You do not have to be a pro at it. There is no better time than now to become a freelance photographer and start making money. It can be an entire career or maybe just a hobby, that is entirely up to oneself, (one of the beauties of freelancing).

Many people believe that becoming a freelance photographer is a big deal as it usually feels to them like something far fetched and even mysterious. By definition, becoming a freelance means to work by oneself. So lets take the mysticism away from that term.

How can you become a freelance photographer?

It starts with a portfolio. It sounds bigger than it is. A portfolio is just a compilation of your work. It doesn't need to be extensive, all you need is samples of your work. It is important to note that you do not need any professional experience to build a portfolio. It can start with just a few of your best pictures. It will be of great help when organizing all of your photographs and this way you can pinpoint a specific photo faster and easier.

After creating a portfolio, you need to sell your work. OK, lets pause right there. This part is majorly why most, if not all, of the people who fail at becoming freelance photographers. They do not know how to sell their pictures. Most even assume that is something only the professionals can do. Well they couldn't be more wrong.

Nowadays having an internet connection can prove to be The Key Element that can catapult freelance photography. Using online website to submit digital photographs and getting paid every time someone downloads one of your pictures.

With that in mind, anybody can sell their own pictures, they just need to know how and know where to submit photos so that it is possible to earn money with photographs. There are many people that make a living just by taking pictures and submitting them for download.

And now there is a system that helps people who want to do just that.

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