3 Keys to Know How to Make Money With Digital Photography

By Frank Dryfus 

More people are looking for ways to make money with their digital photography.  Whether it is because the economy has been bad or people have lost their jobs, getting some extra income is something that always seems like a good idea.

It is not often that a hobby can turn into something that can make you extra money, nevermind a full time income.  But there are thousands that are earning extra cash by using their passion of photography.  Here are 3 keys to really know how to make money with digital photography.

1.  Take as many pictures as possible.  Never stop shooting.  I have been selling my pictures online for the last few years and the sales will really go through the roof if you simply don't stop taking pictures.  Take your camera with you every where you go and make sure you capture something unique.  I went bowling with some friends a few weeks ago and took some unique perspective shots.  I took pictures for 10 minues but ending up selling those pictures later on for about $100.  Take a lot of pictures because the more pictures you have the better chances you have of owning a picture that someone needs and will spend money on.

2.  Get as much exposure as possible to your pictures.  Whether this means having a website that can show off your best images or having a local art shop keep some of your framed pictures on hand, you want your pictures to be seen by a large amount of people.  When people begin seeing your pictures all over the place it will give you some reputability and it will give your images more value.

3.  Submit your pictures to micro stock websites.  This can start like a trickle with the money you will make at first, but if you follow the steps above you can make a full time living from it.  Of course the pictures have to be good and of decent quality, but you will learn this with practice.

These are just a few basic steps but there is much more to learn when it comes to making a ton of money with your digital camera. But I really encourage you to check out this free email course on making money with digital photography.

Article Source: 3 Keys to Know How to Make Money With Digital Photography