5 Essential Tips For Making Money With Photography

By Frank Dryfus 

Making money with your camera is a lot of fun and photography can be a huge source of income for you.  If you are just starting with your photo business or you have been a photographer for a while, this information is for you.

Here are 5 essential tips for making money with that digital camera you are trying to pay off:

1.  Don't spend too much time and money getting the best equipment in the world.

You can waste a ton of money trying to get the latest and greatest digital SLR camera or lens or flash unit.  But it is better to start small with what you have and make the best of it.  Otherwise you will just end up in the hole long before your photography business has even had a chance to take off.

2.  Learn from every picture you take.

When you review your pictures think of what you could have done to make the picture better.  You will need to be your own worst critic about your work and your pictures should always be getting better.  Remember, the better your image quality is the more potential you will have to make more money for each picture you are selling.

3.  Learn how to take pictures of commercial value.

Whether you are shooting photos for portraits or events, you will someday want to take pictures that have commercial interest.  Businesses are always needing fresh images and they are willing to pay top dollar for them so you need to tap into this industry.

4.  Use photoshop with moderation.

I have seen so many pictures that people are trying to sell that just look way over processed.  There is nothing worse than an image that has seen too much photoshop magic being applied to it.  This makes you look like an amateur, so until you learn how to use your photo editor correctly, use it with great moderation.

5.  Look for details in every subject.

Sometimes the difference between a decent photo and an amazing one can be the details.  Get in close, find a different perspective, find an emotion in the scene.  Even if it is a seemingly insignificant, one small detail can give your image the element it needs to sell.

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Article Source: 5 Essential Tips For Making Money With Photography